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Battery operated deformation robot military army tank toys with light music


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Battery operated deformation robot military toy army tanks with light music

Material: Plastic

Plastic Type: Safe plastic

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Ocean Toys

Model Number: OC0464960 army tank toys

Style: Battery Operated Toy, DIY Toy, Educational Toy, Musical Toy

Function:Light & Sound

Product Name: RC tank

Description: deformation robot toys

Packing: Color Box

Package Size:20*10.5*10.5 CM

Carton Size:83.5*35*77 CM

Carton Volume.:0.225 CBM

Quantity/Carton:72 PCS

GW/NW:30 / 26 KGS

Function: DIY Kids Toy

Feature: Educational

Plastic Army Tanks Introduction

Toy army tanks can improve children's cognition and understanding of the structure of RC tanks, on the basis of training their ability to assemble, drag and sort, improve hands-on awareness and self-care ability, and understand the transformation relationship between objects by building together.


The role of toy army tanks

1. Toys mobilize children's enthusiasm

2. Toys enhance perceptual awareness

3. Toys cause association activities

4. Positive thinking and imagination

5. Help cultivate collective ideas and spirit of cooperation


Purchase of toy army tanks

⒈ Look at the packaging. Genuine creative toys are well-packed. Whether the packaging is sealed or printed, it should be impeccable. If the printed text on the packaging is blurred, it is not a genuine product. Most of the pirated creative toys are not exactly the same as the genuine ones on the packaging. Pay attention to the packaging drawings provided on the official website or publicity.

⒉If you are shopping online, the pictures provided by everyone are similar, then look at the price. The price of the original version and the original version will not be too cheap.

⒊About tail goods. A lot of people love to buy tail goods, and they think they are cheap and good. China is a big factor in the world, and many creative toys from foreign companies have gone to China to find and manufacture toy factories. Therefore, it is not new to shed some imperfect defects. However, for creative toys, the technological content of creative toys is either very high or very low, so it is basically not common to have bulk goods and tail goods. A lot of goods are actually imitation or copy.

⒋Some rc tanks are printed with the Chinese version, Asian Chinese version, and the like. It looks like it is the original authorized product. Look carefully for the original trademark, or the trademark circle C or circle R without the original authorization. Many authorized versions have anti-counterfeiting stickers, so we should pay attention to this.

⒌Since June 1, 2007, the country has implemented mandatory product certification (CCC) for six categories of toy products, such as baby carriages, electric toys, ejection toys, doll toys, plastic toys, and metal toys, which directly affect the health and safety of children. ), For the above six types of products, we need to see whether the CCC logo is affixed.

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toy army tanks

toy army tanks

toy army tanks

toy army tanks


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