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What Are The Benefits Of Pretend Toys For Babies?

Aug. 09, 2020

1. Toys can stimulate children's thinking and imagination

Harbin’s educational toys can help babies improve their abilities in analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, and reasoning, and cultivate the depth, flexibility and agility of thinking.

2. Toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of children to practice activities

The physical and mental development of a child is achieved in one activity after another in the process of becoming a child. Playing with toys and splicing toys can meet the needs of children's daily activities, thereby increasing their enthusiasm for activities. For example, some smart electric plush toys!

Educational dinosaur 72PCS building blocks bricks toys for kids children

Educational dinosaur 72PCS building blocks bricks toys for kids children 

3. Toys can enhance children's perceptual knowledge

Pretend toys can not only exercise children's hands-on ability and thinking ability, but also help them enhance children's perceptual understanding of outside life. Because when children can't have extensive access to real life things, they all know the outside world through toys. In order to meet the children's play preferences, toys have the characteristics of intuitive images. Children can recognize some things in life through the intuitive feeling of touch and hearing. For example, various models of cars, trains, airplanes, etc., help children develop their athletic ability. There are also various toys such as dolls, simulated toy dogs, etc., which are conducive to children's visual training.

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