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Do You Know The Best Toy For Parent-Child Interaction?

Aug. 26, 2020

It is understood that toy puzzles are a favorite way for most parents, but many toy products in the market have functions such as parent-child interaction, but the parent-child function is somewhat far-fetched. Ke Zhijian, general manager of Newkey, believes that parent-child toys have at least the following functions: strong interaction, with certain skills expansion and potential development, or role-playing, learning cognition, parent-child games, etc., and then can cultivate children’s IQ and EQ. This is an excellent parent-child toy.

1. Pop Beads

The beads are made of imported environmentally friendly soft rubber material, and you can freely use your imagination. It is known as a bead without a rope, which is safer and completes the child’s pink dream. It helps children develop their spatial logical thinking in addition to their practical skills and coordination skills. In the process of playing, parents inspire children’s grasp of shapes and colors, and inspire children’s perception of the world. Parents can guide them like this: For example, this is a bead, when it is strung into a necklace, it is a pendant, but when strung into a ring At that time, it can become a ring face.

2. Assemble building blocks

When playing assembling toys, parents should encourage their children to deal with difficulties when they encounter difficulties. Toys such as SWAT team are all black series, and the difficulty will increase. The children will encounter situations where they can’t fight. Parents should know properly. In the middle, you can also put forward career vision, so that children can understand more career directions and love people in more industries. Adding lights and sounds inside will make the children feel stronger.

3. Drone

The small planes and small drones launched by Sima Aeromodels are very suitable for parent-child activities. Small drones such as the X 11 small 4D aerial photography aircraft can allow children to see the world from another angle through their own remote control. Parents can explain on the side and need help installing.

4. Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo is known as one of the oldest toys in the history of civilization in the world. It is not only a toy, but also a variety of fancy styles, which can be played by adults and children together.

5. Catapult racing

Woma’s high-speed ejection car, in addition to the assembly function, also has the ejection function. After assembly, it can be ejected for a certain distance by pressing the equipped key. It can be used for parent-child interaction and interaction with friends. Parents can help children to read the instructions together. , The installation process can teach children to use their brains and hands, and also teach them to be patient in the process. Finally, they can also engage in PK with the children. The first two parts teach a process of assistance, and the latter is a process of equal interaction. Only when you are on the same level with yourself and treat yourself as your child's friend can you truly understand your child.

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