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What Are The Functions Of Educational Toys?

Aug. 18, 2020

What are the functions of educational toys? Nowadays parents like to buy a lot of toys for their babies, and now many toy manufacturers like to play the banner of educational toys to attract the attention of parents and children! But with educational toys on the market There are mixed fish and dragons, and parents are increasingly suspicious of educational toys. Can children's educational toys allow children to develop their intelligence while playing?

1. The development of intelligence is conducive to healthy left and right brains

According to research, people who often play with educational toys have higher open thinking ability and higher average IQ than those who do not usually play; American medical experts have even found that if adults start playing with educational toys before the age of 50, The chance of getting Alzheimer's is much lower than that of the general population, and those who have played with educational toys since childhood are less than 1% of the general population.

2. Stimulate the development of functions, which can improve the baby's hand-eye coordination and the ability to recognize the color of graphics

The bright colors and lines of children’s educational toys can stimulate children’s vision, the “rings” that sound when held can stimulate children’s hearing, and the texture of various materials can cultivate children’s sense of touch. Therefore, different educational toys can help children cooperate with various sensory responses, come in contact with and recognize novel things, and are effective tools to assist children in understanding the world.

OC0479808 building blocks for children

OC0479808 building blocks for children

3.The function of practicing social activities

In the process of playing educational toys with their companions or parents, children actually unknowingly develop their social relationships, develop a spirit of cooperation and the psychological quality of learning to share with others, and lay a good foundation for their future integration into society. At the same time, in the process of playing with some smart toys, the baby's language ability, emotional release, and hands-on ability will be improved to a certain extent. For example, Quchao Huobaowang has very powerful functions. Baobaowang has a large educational knowledge base, can sing, can speak Chinese, can speak English, and can tell stories. Educational toys like this can not only allow children to learn a lot of knowledge, but also accompany them to grow up without gaps, and at the same time can improve the baby's social skills.

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